Hopeful wishes

Moonlight rain – starry chain,

Pearls of thruth – lies in youth,

Even more while growing up

Drowning in the void of doubts.

A black hole of countless fears

Makes you want to disappear,

Yet you hold a glimpse of hope –

Tiny spark that meekly shows,

That one day you’ll find your way –

Fireworks will crack again,

Lighting brightly your lost heart,

Proving that you are enough.

Beautiful as summer rain

Showing rainbow once again –

Strength is hidden in your smile,

Set it free and let it shine…


Beautiful Words

Beautiful words always come from your heart,

Sometimes they are hidden deep-deep inside,

Sometimes on the surface they are shining so bright,

It even can seem that they make you bit blind.

Beautiful words… some are hidden in pain,

Getting through it might be an event.

Sharing your feelings… Sometimes it is hard,

Especially when you are lost in your doubts.

Beautiful words might seem not good enough,

Fear is covering truth from your eyes…

Too scared to believe in it, cause you’ve been hurt –

You don’t want to listen and can’t find right words…

Beautiful words can be your healing balm,

Something that makes you feel safe, nice and warm,

Something that shows what you feel or have felt,

Something that can help your icy heart melt…

Beautiful words… they need to be shared –

Life is too short to always be scared…

Reach out and share your beautiful words –

Kindness is magic for those who need love…

Your words can change future – save somebody’s life,

Making the darkness shine brightly from light…

Beautiful words… they are always your choice –

Speak from your heart with your full of love voice…

Beautiful words are what all people need –

Use beautiful words and you’ll always succeed.


First love

I lose my words when I hear yours –

Can’t catch my breath, can’t stop my thoughts.

When I see you I’m feeling numb

And I can’t hide my childish side,

My blushing cheeks and trembling hands,

You know the reason for all that…

I’m crazily in love with you –

Why can’t you simply see me through?

Just look into my teary eyes –

You’ll see there love without doubts…

And if you gently hold my hand –

You’ll feel the pulse that’s wildly mad…

My heart is beating so insane –

It’s such a pleasure and such pain,

You make me burn, you make me ache,

And I don’t recognise myself…

I’m getting lost in dreams of you –

Will you ever make them true?

Can’t you see it – I’m all yours,

I just can’t collect my thoughts.

When I put my eyes on you –

Can’t you simply read me through?

Make first move – I lost my words,

Just say “Hi”  and I am yours…


The answer hides between the lines,

I’m searching for truth, but only seeing lies…

A white one will do or a sweet, as you say,

But I can’t accept it – not this way…

Fighting for freedom, creating new cage,

I’m just coming closer to abyss of change –

Falling or flying – I hate making choice…

That’s why I’m hiding behind all these words.

My words…

My words… they are lost in echo,

In echo of your gentle smile.

My words… they are said in silence,

In silence of your daring eyes.

My words… they are written, imprinted,

Imprinted inside my heart.

My words – just a whisper of feelings,

My words that I scream staying numb…

My words – they might have many meanings,

But yours always meant goodbye…

Moments of silence

Moments of silence, doubts and fears

Hiding from people I disappear.

Words on the page – droplets of ink

I am afraid to know what I think.

Something inside of me violently screams

I am imagining horrible things…

High above clouds – deep in abyss

I want to hear voice… My voice that I miss.

Water fire

How can I be water being a fire?

Will the Gods accept insane desire?

I want to burn like ice

When I need to be calm.

I don’t like flashing tears

Flaring all my fears…

That’s the price I pay

Igniting as I sway

Dancing on the edge

I create myself…

Words like waves in storm

Crush and make me whole…