My Summer Dream

A chair

You watched me there

Water at my feet

I was dancing happily

Among coniferous trees


Bare feet on the velvet grass

Magic in the air

Birds were singing joyfully

Making us home there


Here in the courtyard

We had the sweetest dream

Everything seemed possible

Fantasies felt real


You were fondly watching me

I did it all for you

Dancing with my poetry

To say that I love you…



5 Haiku


Fresh blood on my skin –

Red flowers reflect my sin…

Think before you speak.


Jasmine aroma…

Fresh and sweet – it’s hard to think.

I’m lost in my dreams…


Think of something fresh,

Breathe in, leaving all regrets,

Sweet scent of freedom…


Oblivion dreams…

Fresh water in forest spring –

Just feel and don’t think…


Lilacs in full bloom –

Warm summer days are coming…

Oblivion spell.