Somebody else

Today I was somebody else

Somewhere where no one cares

Or maybe I lost my Muse

And that’s why I was confused,

Lacking a part of myself

I had to be somebody else…

I wonder, whom I might have been

And whether my eyes are green,

I wonder, whom I might seem

This morning when nothing feels real…



You know how it happens –
First love, bright stars,
Pale moon
too soon
I lose my mind,
Becoming blind.

Absolute faith
No mistakes
High stakes
Heart breaks
And there’s just you,
My only Truth,
Even though I am confused
I keep following my Muse…



Close my eyes

And touch me there

Where my dreams are,

Not despair.

Make them sweet,

Spend with me night,

Gentle charming

Be my knight.

Join my journey

Through within,

Dance with muses,

Make it real.

Whisper words into my ear,

I just want to feel you near.

Lead my pen, bring words to life –

That is all I need… Don’t hide.

Please… I ask you: “Stay with me”.

Gods of writing, make me free

So that I can fly with thee.

Curls on paper… spell and sin –

That’s the only way to live.

Writing is my air –

Stay with me forever…

Moments of silence

Moments of silence, doubts and fears

Hiding from people I disappear.

Words on the page – droplets of ink

I am afraid to know what I think.

Something inside of me violently screams

I am imagining horrible things…

High above clouds – deep in abyss

I want to hear voice… My voice that I miss.

Muse Temptation

Tenacious overwhelming feeling

Echoes of your voice… I’m dreaming

Moments… exposing… revealing

Poetry can be deceiving…

Thorns on a gentle flower,

A sparkle igniting fire,

Twisted words dance on the page –

I am becoming somebody else

Opening up for you,

Naughty capricious Muse…

Muse and me

It’s good I think or so it seems

When subconscious slowly wins

And I’m letting out my muse

She creates her magic tunes

Mixing thousand different hues

And I’m lost in them… amused

Like a puppet in her arms

Writing all her secret charms

She’s a master of my soul

And the reason I was born

We were meant to share our light

Spreading it through words and smiles

We are separate yet one

She’s my heart and talisman

Free and captured – we are both

Creatures of this magic world…

Muse in me

Patience is not something I need,
Let me go crazy – I want to bleed…
Ink on the paper – blood of my life,
Let me commit this sweet suicide…
Cutting my veins… ripping parts of my soul,
Magic of writing – I fly and I crawl…
Mix of a sadist and masochist –
All that I want is make this new twist,
Being lost in rhymes that are my world,
Creating insanity with crazy words,
Showing the beauty and showing love –
Poetry’s vital part of my life…
Expressing my feelings
My true self reveals,
So through my words you’ll know how it feels –
Living a life full of mood swings,
When muse is here there’s nothing I fear,
But when it’s not part of me disappears…
Empty without it, being totally lost,
Living a life of a shadow or ghost,
But when inspiration comes back again,
Then I begin my favorite game…
Pain mixed with pleasure – fiction with truth
And I’m all happy being with my muse…