Hidden Hearts


Half truths – half lies,

Reality bites,

Reality stings,

You know what that means.

We play hide and seek

Scared to reveal… our vulnerable hearts,

We were hurt at least once

Some even more

Wounds heal but scars sore

And we learn to wear masks,

Shielding our hearts,

We create a disguise

And pretend we are fine,

Searching for love – bonds built on trust,

We jump and we fall,

Grasping the hope – we get up again

One more ring on the chain that’s holding our hearts

Safe deep inside…

Heavy… but better than being fully crushed,

We keep our fake smiles – inside and out –

Hopelessly trying to figure it out.

We look for the answers…. We look for the light,

Desiring a bond that could heal our hearts.

An honest connection unleashing the love,

We yearn for it daily, falling apart,

We want someone to notice

The truth that we hide…


Hope… Flash Fiction for Hurricane Relief #Flash4Storms

Here’s a tiny story of hope that’s always there when we need it most…


In a muddy-cotton colored sky finally appeared a pearl sun. It made me blind. After a terrific tango winds danced and countless songs of rain, this moment gave me a sense of peace along with a rainbow spark and dew on my cheeks melted like a mirage…


And it’s original form that I wrote in Russian:

В небе цвета грязного хлопка появилось жемчужное солнце. Оно ослепило меня. После жуткого танго ветра и песен дождя, это мгновенье покоя подарило мне искру огня, и роса на моих щеках растаяла словно мираж…

It was inspired by a prompt of a wonderful writer and friend Sarah Brentyn – here’s link to it – you should definitely check it & her blog 🙂


Midnight thoughts

I whisper

I doubt your existence

And pray to a several Gods

Who don’t seem to care much…

I question the sky, Sun and Moon

And stars staring down with allure,

But none of them answers my plea –

I keep wondering – is this life real?

Beautiful Words

Beautiful words always come from your heart,

Sometimes they are hidden deep-deep inside,

Sometimes on the surface they are shining so bright,

It even can seem that they make you bit blind.

Beautiful words… some are hidden in pain,

Getting through it might be an event.

Sharing your feelings… Sometimes it is hard,

Especially when you are lost in your doubts.

Beautiful words might seem not good enough,

Fear is covering truth from your eyes…

Too scared to believe in it, cause you’ve been hurt –

You don’t want to listen and can’t find right words…

Beautiful words can be your healing balm,

Something that makes you feel safe, nice and warm,

Something that shows what you feel or have felt,

Something that can help your icy heart melt…

Beautiful words… they need to be shared –

Life is too short to always be scared…

Reach out and share your beautiful words –

Kindness is magic for those who need love…

Your words can change future – save somebody’s life,

Making the darkness shine brightly from light…

Beautiful words… they are always your choice –

Speak from your heart with your full of love voice…

Beautiful words are what all people need –

Use beautiful words and you’ll always succeed.


Somebody else

Today I was somebody else

Somewhere where no one cares

Or maybe I lost my Muse

And that’s why I was confused,

Lacking a part of myself

I had to be somebody else…

I wonder, whom I might have been

And whether my eyes are green,

I wonder, whom I might seem

This morning when nothing feels real…


Sunset colors – leaves in red

So that we never forget,

How the pain is mixed with pleasure –

None of it can last forever…

Sun comes up and then goes down,

Always wearing guilty crown…

Good and evil – two in one –

Anyway sunsets have charm…


Life and Death

Tonight she’s forced to say goodbye.

Another flower bloomed and died,

Another story reached its end –

There’s no one here. No tears to shed.

A new beginning soon will come,

Another sparkle will shine bright,

Another flower, story, life –

One more hello… one more goodbye.

It happened way too many times –

She’s breathing in and breathing out,

Watching people come and go –

She’s not allowed to get involved…

These moments in between of lives,

Black void of silence when Death comes,

So fleeting – never long enough –

Oh how she misses his dark eyes…

Twelve midnight beats is all she has

To spend with her beloved sweet Death –

One kiss to share and one embrace,

One precious moment – it’s not fair.

Love story between Life and Death,

Forbidden pleasure that they share –

A tiny secret of this world

As everything is ruled by Love…


This poem was written for the #ThursThreads – Tying Tales Together – week 194 and got honorable mention I’m very happy about 🙂 Other great stories from last week can be read here And you all can join the fun next time 😉

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