My Summer Dream

A chair

You watched me there

Water at my feet

I was dancing happily

Among coniferous trees


Bare feet on the velvet grass

Magic in the air

Birds were singing joyfully

Making us home there


Here in the courtyard

We had the sweetest dream

Everything seemed possible

Fantasies felt real


You were fondly watching me

I did it all for you

Dancing with my poetry

To say that I love you…



Wandering thoughts on Friday 13th

Snow-white blank memories of my old life are flashing… Dancing in front of my eyes… Fears… Anticipation… Smile? I don’t want to cry… to try… failing another time feels almost like a wish to die. I lie… even now… to myself and you – I always do… Don’t we all?

I fly and I fall but there’s no middle of just walking around – I lost this side… I lost this part of me. I scream within externally being numb but inside internally I cry… I have doubts inside… they dance while dreams and hopes just lie on the ground breathless… yet still alive.

Closed eyes… What images they hide? Will I ever find out? Isn’t life all about lies we choose and dress up like truth… I won’t be confused if so… No… not me.

In this world I am someone who can’t be seen or at least so it seems. I have pieces inside of me – shards of future and broken dreams, hopes, desires and sins – scattered and lost parts of me…

Will I ever manage to collect and see the kaleidoscope of my life that I hide within? My poetry… is it a key?

Words on the page will they make me bleed and see what I am inside for real… this afraid little kitten or Queen of this world around and within or I’m both… but where is the bridge – is it lost?

Words… They lead me somwhere. I know… images… feelings… I grow and something inside evolves. I wonder what does it mean… Will I ever be able to see Me?..

Monday Cantaloupes!

Was a Monday when I hopped

Meeting Monday Cantaloupes

They say Monday is ‘my day’

But it’s Cantaloupe’s today

Every window, every road

Every thought – a Cantaloupe!

I might simply be possessed

By a Cantaloupe itself…

Dear Gods, please help me then

It is Monday! Mon Dieu… Hell

Cantaloupes are everywhere!

I can’t even eat a piece

They are talking… staring… Geez

What an odd stuff can be dreams

Yes, I want a melon piece

But to live in world like this

Much more crazy than it seems

I’m not sure it’s my bliss…

I was Cantaloupe myself

Fancy dress… delicious smell

Humble, mellow, juicy, swell…

And it ended pretty well –

Ate myself until the end.

Now being one with Cantaloupes

As this Monday jumps and rolls

I am dancing on the ropes

Slicing smiling Cantaloupes

Singing jolly funny tunes

Cantaloupes are suns and moons

Keep eyes opened – they’ll return

Monday Cantaloupes toujours!