Life and Death

Tonight she’s forced to say goodbye.

Another flower bloomed and died,

Another story reached its end –

There’s no one here. No tears to shed.

A new beginning soon will come,

Another sparkle will shine bright,

Another flower, story, life –

One more hello… one more goodbye.

It happened way too many times –

She’s breathing in and breathing out,

Watching people come and go –

She’s not allowed to get involved…

These moments in between of lives,

Black void of silence when Death comes,

So fleeting – never long enough –

Oh how she misses his dark eyes…

Twelve midnight beats is all she has

To spend with her beloved sweet Death –

One kiss to share and one embrace,

One precious moment – it’s not fair.

Love story between Life and Death,

Forbidden pleasure that they share –

A tiny secret of this world

As everything is ruled by Love…


This poem was written for the #ThursThreads – Tying Tales Together – week 194 and got honorable mention I’m very happy about 🙂 Other great stories from last week can be read here And you all can join the fun next time 😉



Some thoughts and feelings

They just die

And you can’t help it,

I wish I knew why…

Clocks are still moving

But I feel stuck,

Looking in the mirror

And seeing shards of glass.

I’m falling on the ground,

You cut me deep inside,

Those eyes in thousand pieces

I don’t recognise…

Somebody is staring

While I’m crushing down,

And I can’t bear this feeling

I wish I was just blind…

But then I’d never noticed

That part of me has died.