Snowflake Butterfly

Once upon a time there lived a butterfly…

Twas sparkly, shiny, bright,

Made from snow… all white.

Flying in the air, trembling from the cold,

Dancing… vibrant colors reflected rays of gold.

Gliding in frosty air, starting her journey there,

Reflecting all shades of the light and still remaining pure white…

Ivory fragile treasure… her life seemed to be full of pleasure,

But no one has seen her eyes and no one knows what she hides,

A story that is full of pain and one day was washed with the rain…

It was her first year of life… all was so colorful, shiny and bright,

She saw many things outside –

Some were dark… some were full of light…

And then she met her first love, flying so high above,

He was gorgeous and full of strength – they discovered emotional depths,

That none of them ever has seen – that was beyond her dreams…

Back then love was full of pleasure so much that it couldn’t be measured,

Flying with him in the sky was totally something divine…

It didn’t last very long, because most of the winter was already gone,

And you know what happens in spring, when everything starts to stream,

Blossom as sun’s getting warm – that was the time their love was gone…

No it did not disappear – I still believe it’s somewhere here,

But spring torn their lives apart, melted with rays of sunlight

The beautiful butterflies’ love…

They faded and flew in the air, crying with rain here and there,

Waiting for winter to come so that they will become one…

Need I say that didn’t happen? Because the whole year they both were scattered

In different parts of the world and it was so hard to keep hope…

When winter came they didn’t meet.

She was searching for him on full speed, whole winter without any rest,

She did it for five or ten years…

And hoped that he searched for her too… she still doesn’t have any news.

And stopped searching him for a while, getting used to this kind of exile…

It was too painful to do it again, when so many times all her efforts were vain,

She chose to enjoy this life, dancing and waiting for love.

She still hopes one day they will meet and though this love is bitter-sweet,

She wouldn’t just let it go… not until he will show.

She hides all this pain in her eyes, expressing herself in this dance,

Missing those lovely sweet times, she’s wearing a perfect disguise…

You should remember her color, I once said it was snow-white,

Ivory, ghost-white, vanilla… you know how it tastes, right?

It’s sweet, but can also be bitter and so is her love and her life,

I still see her flying so freely, enjoying her magical dance…

She travels around every winter and still keeps those hope in her heart.

One day she will finally find him? I hope so… He’s love of her life.


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