My Dark Sensual Knight (haikurotica mix)

Woke up to your scent

Sweet refreshing bitterness –

Hot touch on my lips…


I’m letting you in

Pleasure dancing on my tongue –

Burning goosebumps come…


Your heat wakes me up

Ending my Arabic nights –

Dark satisfaction…


My guilty pleasure

Sweet sound of your crushing beans

And your aftertaste…


You make me happy

Collecting my scattered thoughts

With your bitter kiss…


You are my lover

I cheat on my amber knight

Lost in your darkness


Thanks a lot to Olli for inspiration – his creation can be found here 😉



Close my eyes

And touch me there

Where my dreams are,

Not despair.

Make them sweet,

Spend with me night,

Gentle charming

Be my knight.

Join my journey

Through within,

Dance with muses,

Make it real.

Whisper words into my ear,

I just want to feel you near.

Lead my pen, bring words to life –

That is all I need… Don’t hide.

Please… I ask you: “Stay with me”.

Gods of writing, make me free

So that I can fly with thee.

Curls on paper… spell and sin –

That’s the only way to live.

Writing is my air –

Stay with me forever…