5 Haiku


Fresh blood on my skin –

Red flowers reflect my sin…

Think before you speak.


Jasmine aroma…

Fresh and sweet – it’s hard to think.

I’m lost in my dreams…


Think of something fresh,

Breathe in, leaving all regrets,

Sweet scent of freedom…


Oblivion dreams…

Fresh water in forest spring –

Just feel and don’t think…


Lilacs in full bloom –

Warm summer days are coming…

Oblivion spell.




Time void… Pitch dark eyes

Are stealing my sanity –

Summer storm has come…

Spring cherry haiku


Winter became Spring,

Flowers like snowflakes fall down –

Dancing death of love…


Tears or morning dew?

Spring is a season of love –

Heartbreaking beauty…


Sakura blossoms,

Falling petals are my words

Dancing on paper…


2015-05-05 21.38.59