First love

I lose my words when I hear yours –

Can’t catch my breath, can’t stop my thoughts.

When I see you I’m feeling numb

And I can’t hide my childish side,

My blushing cheeks and trembling hands,

You know the reason for all that…

I’m crazily in love with you –

Why can’t you simply see me through?

Just look into my teary eyes –

You’ll see there love without doubts…

And if you gently hold my hand –

You’ll feel the pulse that’s wildly mad…

My heart is beating so insane –

It’s such a pleasure and such pain,

You make me burn, you make me ache,

And I don’t recognise myself…

I’m getting lost in dreams of you –

Will you ever make them true?

Can’t you see it – I’m all yours,

I just can’t collect my thoughts.

When I put my eyes on you –

Can’t you simply read me through?

Make first move – I lost my words,

Just say “Hi”  and I am yours…


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