Writing labyrinth

Lost in a rainbow labyrinth,

Searching for unwritten myth.

Colors change as feelings grow

After every written word,

Each new step – another shade,

There’s no way out and no escape.

Every letter – a coiling snake,

Bringing life and bringing death…

Poison and priceless cure –

Freedom of writing is pure.

Lost in the labyrinth, locked in the cage –

Mind of a writer always creates.

Nothing can take its freedom

And stories yet to be written…

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Twilight Feeling (haiku collection)


We were together,

Two strangers who met at night –

A sparkle started fire…


Like burning fireflies,

Our feelings made darkness shine –

Pain sank in pleasure…


Woke up alone and

All I see is sky and trees –

Your silent goodbye…


Is it day or night?

Time in between is blurry

Just like my thoughts are.


Wind hugs naked trees,

Sun laughs at my broken heart –

Forsaken again…



Crimson maple leaves

Kaede… Momiji…

Blanket of scarlet and red

Earth covered with bloody regrets…

This feeling tastes just like cherry

Even sadness holds some kind of pleasure

And beauty that can’t be measured…


Note: Kaede and Momiji are japanese words both meaning maple (generally and certain kind (Acer palmatum) Japanese maple tree)

Fox (tanka, haiku & a little art)


Silver fox – wild rose,

Fireflies in the night sky,

Wish to make you mine,

Whispering stars and promise –

Sparkling allure tempts my heart…


Amber eyes… sly smile,

Moonlit persimmon fur dance –

Fox captured my heart…



Unrequited love

Crimson leaves remind me pieces of my heart,

Bloody red and bleeding from the very start.

Drops of rain, like crystals, are shining way too bright,

Salty tears are falling from my opened eyes…

Here I am, still smiling – rainbow in your sky,

You chose another sunshine (not my starry nights).

I am lost in writing only to heal scars –

Cerise sad reminders of unrequited love.

Feelings bloom on paper – my secret scarlet dream…

One day I will meet someone, who will make it real.

A distant star (triolet)

You are a distant star

That shines for me at night,

My hope in darkness and my light,

You are a distant star –

I feel you in my heart

Such overwhelming warmth…

You are a distant star

That shines for me at night.

Sad tanka

Choices never made,

Words left unwritten… unsaid,

Heart aching from pain,

Memories crawling like snake –

I keep making same mistakes…

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