The answer hides between the lines,

I’m searching for truth, but only seeing lies…

A white one will do or a sweet, as you say,

But I can’t accept it – not this way…

Fighting for freedom, creating new cage,

I’m just coming closer to abyss of change –

Falling or flying – I hate making choice…

That’s why I’m hiding behind all these words.


My words…

My words… they are lost in echo,

In echo of your gentle smile.

My words… they are said in silence,

In silence of your daring eyes.

My words… they are written, imprinted,

Imprinted inside my heart.

My words – just a whisper of feelings,

My words that I scream staying numb…

My words – they might have many meanings,

But yours always meant goodbye…


Some thoughts and feelings

They just die

And you can’t help it,

I wish I knew why…

Clocks are still moving

But I feel stuck,

Looking in the mirror

And seeing shards of glass.

I’m falling on the ground,

You cut me deep inside,

Those eyes in thousand pieces

I don’t recognise…

Somebody is staring

While I’m crushing down,

And I can’t bear this feeling

I wish I was just blind…

But then I’d never noticed

That part of me has died.

Moments of silence

Moments of silence, doubts and fears

Hiding from people I disappear.

Words on the page – droplets of ink

I am afraid to know what I think.

Something inside of me violently screams

I am imagining horrible things…

High above clouds – deep in abyss

I want to hear voice… My voice that I miss.

Muse Temptation

Tenacious overwhelming feeling

Echoes of your voice… I’m dreaming

Moments… exposing… revealing

Poetry can be deceiving…

Thorns on a gentle flower,

A sparkle igniting fire,

Twisted words dance on the page –

I am becoming somebody else

Opening up for you,

Naughty capricious Muse…

A Fraud God

You are a fraud – I am a God

A friend or foe – I am not sure

Still I’m with you… In lies and truth

Chasing tempting sweet allure…

You are a God – I am a fraud

We change our roles in game of life

And feelings are our sacrifice…

Price of being a God –

You end up being a fraud…