Monday Cantaloupes!

Was a Monday when I hopped

Meeting Monday Cantaloupes

They say Monday is ‘my day’

But it’s Cantaloupe’s today

Every window, every road

Every thought – a Cantaloupe!

I might simply be possessed

By a Cantaloupe itself…

Dear Gods, please help me then

It is Monday! Mon Dieu… Hell

Cantaloupes are everywhere!

I can’t even eat a piece

They are talking… staring… Geez

What an odd stuff can be dreams

Yes, I want a melon piece

But to live in world like this

Much more crazy than it seems

I’m not sure it’s my bliss…

I was Cantaloupe myself

Fancy dress… delicious smell

Humble, mellow, juicy, swell…

And it ended pretty well –

Ate myself until the end.

Now being one with Cantaloupes

As this Monday jumps and rolls

I am dancing on the ropes

Slicing smiling Cantaloupes

Singing jolly funny tunes

Cantaloupes are suns and moons

Keep eyes opened – they’ll return

Monday Cantaloupes toujours!


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