Muse in me

Patience is not something I need,
Let me go crazy – I want to bleed…
Ink on the paper – blood of my life,
Let me commit this sweet suicide…
Cutting my veins… ripping parts of my soul,
Magic of writing – I fly and I crawl…
Mix of a sadist and masochist –
All that I want is make this new twist,
Being lost in rhymes that are my world,
Creating insanity with crazy words,
Showing the beauty and showing love –
Poetry’s vital part of my life…
Expressing my feelings
My true self reveals,
So through my words you’ll know how it feels –
Living a life full of mood swings,
When muse is here there’s nothing I fear,
But when it’s not part of me disappears…
Empty without it, being totally lost,
Living a life of a shadow or ghost,
But when inspiration comes back again,
Then I begin my favorite game…
Pain mixed with pleasure – fiction with truth
And I’m all happy being with my muse…


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